What to expect from a 3PL partner

Building a 3PL relationship saves more in the long run.

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Shippers in the habit of looking for a good price, often overlook the best value. Getting a shipment from A to B is a short-term transaction. Building a 3PL relationship is long-term commitment that leads to greater value. It’s the difference between saving $100 on a shipment or saving 10% on total freight spend.

Use data to strategize. An experienced 3PL will begin by reviewing your order history and developing an overall plan. This is essential to maximizing capacity and finding efficiencies.

Upfront communication is key. Understanding the details of each shipment is important. Switching to a managed service plan comes with new rules that may affect customers’ routine schedules. Working with customers and informing them ahead of time helps to minimize the pain of change. Although it may seem contrary to expectations, these guidelines actually help increase flexibility.

Be prepared to respond. A knowledgeable 3PL will be ready, willing and able to respond to questions or handle a challenge should it arise. Make sure your 3PL has an established, reliable network and the capacity to assist you in building a more efficient supply chain. Trusted relationships help to ensure your shipments are on time and intact.

Analyze and adjust. Technology can help you do more than track and trace. Analyzing data by routes or customers allows for continuous improvement of the entire supply chain.


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