Stopoffs - To Partially Load or Unload

Shipments may be stopped in transit to partially load or complete loading or to partially unload subject to the following provisions:

  • Stops for partial loading or unloading will be permitted only at points within the scope of Forwarder's operations.
  • A shipment with stops in transit must be from one Shipper at one point of origin to one Consignee at one destination, on one master bill of lading.
  • The master bill of lading or shipping order must show the point or points at which shipment is to be stopped for partial loading or unloading together with a complete description of the kind and quantity of freight to be loaded or unloaded at each point and the name and address of the party from or to whom each portion is to be received or delivered. If receipt or delivery is made at two or more different locations at the same point (city, town or village) each pick-up or delivery will be considered as a separate stop in the application of this rule.
  • Stops to partially unload will be permitted only at points beyond those at which the last stop for partial loading is made.
  • Transportation charges shall be assessed on basis of actual weight of the entire shipment, but not less than the applicable minimum weight, and at the rate or rates, in effect on date of shipment, for the applicable distance from point of origin through the stop-over point or points to the final destination, plus charge provided in paragraph (g).
  • An additional charge shall be made for each stop to partially load or unload a shipment, exclusive of the initial pick-up stop and final delivery stop. The charge will be $150.00 each.
  • Freight charges on a shipment stopped to partially unload must be prepaid or guaranteed by the Shipper. The Shipper may show on the bill of lading the name of one party from whom the entire freight charges, including the stop-off charges, shall be collected, which must be a party to whom a portion of the shipment is to be delivered.
  • Stopping in transit for partial unloading will not be permitted on a shipment when consigned "C.O.D.", "To Order", or to be delivered on Shipper's written order, or where accompanied by any instructions from the Consignor requiring the surrender or presentation of the bill of lading, a written order or any other document as a condition precedent to delivery at stopoff point, or moving on a Uniform Bill of Lading having section 7 thereof signed.