Refused or Undelivered Shipments

Shipments which have been refused, or which for any reason the Forwarder is unable to deliver, will be placed at the Forwarder's terminal, agent's facility or qualified warehouse. If practical, Forwarder will make attempt to contact the Consignor for alternative instructions at the time delivery is attempted but, shall not be bound to do so. Forwarder however, shall issue notice to Consignor within one business day after Forwarder has been unable to effect delivery. Unclaimed product will be considered as refused after 3 days from such notification. Except in the case of product damage caused by the Forwarder, such shipments shall be subject to a flat fee of $75.00 plus a stop charge of $150.00 to place product on hold within the original destination commercial zone. If the product is placed in a location other than the commercial zone of the original shipment destination charges will apply as provided herein to reship product to the nearest practical location en route. Shipments shall also be subject to applicable storage, redelivery, reconsignment, or return charges.