Protective Service

Forwarder will provide adequate protection for the preservation of perishable commodities against heat or cold. Unless specified otherwise, the rates for transportation published in this schedule include the cost of such protection.

  • The Forwarder will not be held responsible for maintaining any temperature in transit, other than zero degrees, 35 degrees Fahrenheit or the ambient air temperature. The Shipper may specify only one of the foregoing temperatures per shipment or consolidation of shipments. The bill of lading must be clearly noted with one of the forgoing temperatures regardless of how the order information is transmitted in advance. In lieu of such notations, or if the bill of lading disagrees with one of the forgoing temperatures, the Forwarder will make its best determination of temperature and handle it as accordingly such, without liability.
  • In connection with mixed shipments of frozen and other than frozen articles the Forwarder shall only provide for the holding of the articles during the course of their transportation at the nearest temperature specified above which is no higher than the temperature of the unfrozen article contained in the shipment which has the highest temperature at the time of its acceptance by Forwarder.
  • Shippers may, at their own expense, furnish refrigerants in the form of liquid or solid carbon dioxide or similar refrigerants, other than wet ice, in addition to that provided by the Forwarder’s mechanical refrigerated equipment. Such additional refrigerant will be transported without additional charge.
  • Fresh meats packed in barrels, tubs or bins must contain a 4 inch minimum diameter cardboard cylinder in the center and extending the full height of each packing unit. It must be supplied and filled with dry ice by Shipper. Such products shall be handled and transported at 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The Forwarder does not agree to deliver shipments tendered at any lower temperature than that at which the shipment is originally tendered to the Forwarder.
  • Unless otherwise specified in writing, the Forwarder will not be held responsible for the condition of any temperature sensitive articles which, in order to maintain the integrity of the product, can not withstand 1) multiple pick up and delivery service which requires the trailer doors to remain open during loading and unloading, 2) periods of actual warehouse loading and unloading at any pick up or delivery location en route, and 3) Forwarder's terminal crossdock activity. Each of these conditions subject the product to uncontrolled ambient air temperatures. Such commodities specifically include, but are not limited to, frozen baked goods, ice, ice cream, individually quick frozen (IQF) commodities, and frozen novelties. The same will apply to articles which can not withstand periods in transit at or below 32 degrees and or articles which can not withstand periods in transit at or above zero degrees while being transported in a dual temperature environment. Refrigeration will be set to maintain either zero degrees or 35 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain one temperature environment. Portable bulkheads, blankets, dry ice, heaters, curtains, dunnage and other equipment or ordinary and proven means will be employed to maintain the other temperature environment.
  • The Forwarder does not guarantee or assert the condition of return goods with respect to condition or product temperature under any circumstances.