Prohibited Articles

Forwarder WILL NOT ACCEPT the following articles:

  • Accounts, bills, deeds, evidences of debt, currency, money, securities, notes, letters of credit, passports, tickets or other valuable papers;
  • Bullion, precious stones, jewelry or other similar valuables, paintings, statuary, or other works of art, furs, or garments trimmed with fur;
  • The following hazardous materials, as described in Bureau of Explosives Tariff 6000 series:
  • Liquid corrosive materials, in excess of 25 percent of total weight
  • Explosives, Class 1.1, 1.2, or 1.5
  • Nitrostarch, wet or dry
  • Radioactive materials (as described in Item UFC 6000-A)
  • Sodium compounds (as covered by STCC 28-123 of STCC Tariff 6001-K)
  • Poisons
  • Metal Coils
  • Hazardous Wastes - Regulated by the DOT and EPA, as described in Part 261, Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations Forwarder DOES NOT HANDLE HAZARDOUS WASTE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  • Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains
  • Live Animals or Birds

Additional commodities may also be restricted in individual rail and motor carrier's rules circular(s).
A $50,000 charge as liquidated damages will be assessed against the Shipper and/or cCnsignor for each and every shipment of prohibited articles (excluding hazardous material which are subject to $50,000 liquidated damages charge) tendered to Forwarder in violation of this section, and such liquidated damages represent the reasonable approximation of Forwarder's anticipated damages.