Precedence of Rates

Where, in rate tables governed by this schedule, rates are published in the same section as applying from a specific point and/or from a county and/or from a zone and/or from a state, the rate to apply shall be the rate published from the most specific point. For example: If rates were published as applying for a specific account, to or from a specific address, from St. Paul (Ramsey County), MN, as well as from Zone 1 and the state of Minnesota, and region 5 precedence of rates in numerical order will be:
1) Specific named account
2) To or from a specific address
3) City (St Paul), including the local commercial zone and suburban areas
4) County (Ramsey)
5) Five digit zip code
6) Three digit zip code
7) State (Minnesota)
8) Area (11), including a grouping of three or five digit zip codes
9) Region (Upper Midwest)
Rates shall be amended from time to time. The latest and more recent date of issue will take precedence over rates issued previously whether in the possession of the party requesting transportation service or not.
Forwarder's offer of rates is based on the availability of equipment, lanes, return freight and other factors. As each Customer’s rates are based on a variety of factors and services required, Forwarder cannot offer “most favored nation” provisions or guarantee parity of rates for different Customers. In all cases, Forwarder's rates are based on the underlying Carrier having a maximum of $1,000,000 public liability and $100,000 cargo insurance. Upon prior written request, Forwarder can attempt to procure Carrier(s) with greater coverage, at an additional cost.