Payment of Freight Charges

Customer is responsible for all charges and fees relating to a shipment, including but not limited to transportation charges, handling, storage, detention, and service charges, regardless of any payment instructions to the contrary. In the event of default by Customer, and in addition to the lien rights set forth above, (See Credit and Collections Section) Forwarder reserves the right to collect all such charges from the Consignor, Consignee, Beneficial Owner or other party to the transaction, and such parties’ liability for freight and other charges shall be joint and several, regardless of the payee designated on the bill of lading or other documents. The provisions of “Section 7” of the National Motor Freight Classification’s (‘NMFC”) Uniform Straight Bill of Lading shall not apply. Forwarder may, at its sole discretion, initiate collections (with or without discount application) as provided above.
By special arrangement, as a courtesy to the Customer, Forwarder may undertake “Collect” or third party payable shipments, though such shipments may be subject to additional charges or a different scale of rates. Collect or third party freight charges shall be issued to the party specified on the shipping documents, including, but not limited to, bills of lading. Any unpaid collect or third party freight charges remain the responsibility of the Customer regardless of any notations to the contrary on the bill of lading. The Customer warrants payment shall be made to Forwarder within 15 days of presentation of its freight charges.
Payment of freight and
other charges are not subject to deductions, offset or withholding for any reason whatsoever.