Pallet Exchange

Except as otherwise provided, Forwarder will not exchange pallets. Palletized shipments will be accepted for transportation and pallets will be delivered to the Consignee as part of the shipment provided that the pallets and pallet weight are included with the shipment description on the bill of lading. Pallets will become the property of the Forwarder when they are not so noted on the bill of lading. Upon special request, Forwarder will attempt to furnish pallets for exchange when available and under the following conditions:

  • Pallets may be retained by the Consignor or Consignee provided that they are immediately replaced with a like number of pallets of identical size and construction, either loaded or empty.
  • When the Consignor desires that the Forwarder maintain pallet exchange records and maintain an even pallet balance, over time, exchanges must be clearly noted and initialed by the driver on the bill of lading. Separate pallet slips will not constitute a record of uneven pallet exchanges. Forwarder will maintain a record of uneven exchanges and undertake to return excess pallets received at no charge provided that 1) pallet returns can be accomplished without expense and at the Forwarder's convenience and 2) the Forwarder is compensated at a rate of $10.00 per pallet, per shipment, by the party responsible for freight charges, for pallets supplied to the Consignor and not returned by the Consignee.
  • Under no circumstances will deductions in payment be permitted for outstanding pallet balances owed by the Forwarder.