Marking Shipments and Product

Every pallet load of product tendered for transportation must be clearly marked with the name, city and state of the Consignee. Every pallet shall also be numbered and marked with the total number of pallet loads for each Consignee. For example, if a Consignee is to receive two pallets the pallets should be numbered 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Additionally, all packages of product must be labeled such that they are easily identified with the respective Shipper, packing lists, bills of lading and shipping orders. Mixtures of different items must not be packed in the same container, unless each item is listed both on the outside of the container and on the bill of lading with the proper piece count noted. Any commodity description and temperature instructions on the bill of lading must match precisely with markings on the packages. If packages and bill of lading do not match, Forwarder assumes no claim liability whatsoever. Shipments found in possession of Forwarder not marked in accordance with these rules will be subject to sort and segregate charges, delay charges and possible delays in transit. In addition, Forwarder may return shipment(s) to Consignor without claim liability, place product in storage and reship product as necessary to reconcile shipping errors at the expense of the party responsible for freight charges as long as normal care and handling are taken by Forwarder.