Loading or Unloading

Loading of shipments onto the Forwarder's vehicle shall be performed by the Consignor and the unloading of shipments from the Forwarder's vehicle shall be performed by the Consignee.

Upon request of the party responsible for the regular freight charges, Forwarder will furnish adequate labor to perform unloading as follows:

Unloading Pallet loads of a single item of product, no greater than 48" tall, pulled off the trailer onto the dock for access by the Receiver. Also referred to as "straight pull" or "roll-off." $1.20 $10.00 $50.00
Breakdown Pallet loads of a single item of product, greater than 48" tall, broken down to meet the Receiver’s height requirement. $1.60 $20.00 $60.00
Sort & Segregate Pallet loads of multiple items of product, of any height, separated by item onto individual pallets. $2.00 $25.00 $75.00

The nature of certain receiving locations requires the use of unloading or "lumper" services to unload and handle the product being shipped. These Receivers are commonly wholesale grocery and food service distributors. The following list represents a non-exhaustive list of Receivers with where unloading and handling charges will be applied:

A. Abraham & Sons

A.G. of New England

Advance Brands

Affiliated Foods

AFI Foodservice

Alabama Wholesale


Aldi Foods

Alpine Food Distributors

AMC Wholesale/ PFS

American Food Service

American Meat

Americold- Plant City, FL

Americold/Versacold, Vernon, CA

Apperts Foodservice

Arizona Food Group

Associated Food Stores

Associated Grocers (Unified Grocers)

Associated Wholesale Grocers

Avalon Foodservice

Banta Foods (Reinhart Foods)

Bashas Distribution Center

Belden Holdings

Ben E Keith Company

Bi Rite Foodservice

Big Saver Foods


Brenham Wholesale Grocery

Brookshire Food & Pharmacy

Brown Food Service

Burris Food/ Logistics

Buzz Food Service

C&S Wholesale Grocers/ C&S Dist.

Carroll County Foods

Cash-Way Distributing

CD Harnett Wholesale

Central Grocers


Cheney Brothers

Circle K

Coastal Pacific

Conco Foodservice (Reinhart)

Concord Foods

Consolidated Companies

Consolidated Foods


CVS Dist- CA

Dallas Independent School District

Dicarlo Distributing Food Service

Dierks Waukesha

Dillon Stores

Doerle Foodservice

Dollar General

Donsons Distributing

Dori Foods

DPI Dairyfresh

DPI Food Products

Dutch Farms

EG Forrest Food Distributors


Facciola Meat

Farr West Warehouse

Feesers Foodservice Distributor

Florida Food Service

Food City (K-VA-T Food Stores)

Food King

Food Lion

Food Services of America (FSA)

Foodpro Corp

Fox River Foods

Fred Meyer

Freezer Services

Frys Food Stores

G&C Foods

GH Foods

Giant Eagle

Glazier Foods

Golub Corp

Gordon Food Service (GFS)

Great North Foods

Grocers Supply

H.T. Hackney-Huntsville, AL

Haag Food Service

Hansen Cold Storage

Harris Teeter Supermarkets

Harvest Meats

Hawkeye Food Service Distribution

HE Butt Grocery

Heinens Inc.

HT Hackney Company


Institutional Food House Dist (IFH)

Institutional Jobbers Company (IJ)

IRA Higdon Grocer

J Kings Food Service Professionals

J&B Wholesale

Jacmar Foodservice

Jakes Finer Foods

Jay C Stores

JCC- San Antonio

Jetro Cash & Carry Enterprises

Jewell Grocery & Deli

JF Feeser Foods

King Soopers

Kroger Company/ Peyton

K-VA-T Food Stores (Food City)

Labatt Food Service

Laurel Grocery Company

Layton Warehouse Smiths

Lincoln Poultry

Lindsay Foods

Lipari Foods

Lomar Distributing

Lowes Food Stores

Maines Paper & Foodservice

Martin Bros Distributing

Mason Brothers

McDonald Wholesale

McLane Foodservice

MDV (Nash Finch)

Meadowbrook Meat Company (MBM)


Merchants Distributors Inc (MDI)

Merchants Grocery

Mid Mountain Foods

Mollie Stone Market

Monterrey Provision

MTC- Modesto, CA

Multifoods Distribution Group

Nash Finch

Nashville Cold Storage

Natures Best

Nicholas & Company

Nordic Refrigeration

North Star Foodservice

Oneida Cold Storage

Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group (PFG)

Piggly Wiggly

Pioneer Cold Storage


Price Chopper Grocery

Proficient Food


Quaker Valley Foods

Ralphs Grocery & Deli


Reinhart Foodservice

Richmond Restaurant Service

River Valley Holdings

Riverside Distribution Centers

Roma/ PFG


Safeway Stores


Sav A Lot

Schnucks Markets

Shalom Park

Shamrock Foodservice


Sheehan Majestic

Sherwood Food Distributors

Smart & Final

Smart & Final

Sofo Foods

Soto Provisions

Southern Food Services

Southwest Foods

Southwest Storage

Spartan Stores

Springfield Grocery Stores

Stater Bros Markets

Super Valu


Sweet Bay Foods

Sygma Network

Sysco Corporation

System Services of America (SSA)

Tamarkin Company

Thayer Dist

Thompson Company

Thoms Proestler Company

Tom Thumb

Tony's Fine Foods

Trader Joe’s- Swanee, GA

Trader Joe's-Nazareth

Tree of Life

Troyer Poultry


Unified Grocers

Union Storage (Nash Finch)- Fargo

United Natural Foods

United Natural Foods (UNFI)

United Supermarket, Lubbuck

Upper Lakes Foods Inc

URM Stores Inc

US Foodservice

Van Eerden Foodservice Company

Variety Wholesale

Versacold/Americold, Vernon, CA

Vistar Distribution/ VSA


W Lee Flowers

Wakefern Foods Corporation

Waukesha Wholesale

Waybest Foods


Weis Markets

Weiss Food Service

Western Box Meat

Whole Foods, Cheshire, CT

Whole Foods, Pompano Beach, FL

Winco Foods

Winkler Wholesale Grocers Inc

Winn Dixie

Yanceys Food Service