Inside Delivery

When requested by the Consignor or Consignee, and operating conditions permit, the Forwarder will move or arrange for shipments or portions of shipments to be moved to a position or place other than a truck dock suitable for loading and unloading the Forwarder's vehicles.


The Forwarder will, at its discretion, put such shipments into temporary storage for later delivery and, or interline such shipments, if such handling will result in a delay to the Forwarder's operations. A charge equal to the cost of the additional services required plus 15% will apply.   


Direct deliveries made by the Forwarder, with sufficient cooperation and assistance of the Receiver, shall be assessed the following charges:



Rate Per




Per Pallet



Per Shipment

Driver Assist Unload 

Tailgate delivery and handing product off the tail of the trailer to the Receiver.




Store Door Delivery

Tailgate delivery and moving product into a doorway immediately adjacent to and in full view of the trailer.




Inside Delivery

Tailgate delivery, moving product into a doorway immediately adjacent to the trailer to points further indoors.  




For the purposes of this item, charges for deliveries to commercial locations, correctional facilities and residential areas are included. Driver and vehicle detention rules however, are not included and will apply in addition to inside delivery.