Description of Freight

Customer or Consignor shall accurately declare and describe the commodities shipped pursuant to the National Motor Freight Classification (“NMFC”) descriptions or Item numbers. If it is determined that the articles shipped or stored are not those described in the bill of lading, warehouse receipt, shipping order or other shipping or storage document, the freight and all other charges must be paid on the basis of the commodities or articles actually shipped. An administrative fee may, at Forwarder’s discretion, be assessed against Customer, or other party for each misdeclared shipment as follows:
First instance: $25.00
Second instance: $50.00
Third instance: $100.00
Fourth instance: $200.00
Fifth instance: $400.00
Sixth instance+: $800.00
Additionally, Forwarder shall have no liability in the event of loss of or damage to the materially misdeclared or misdescribed freight regardless of Forwarder's actual negligence.
Where applicable, charges shall be computed on the gross weight at the time of shipment including weight of packing and preservatives. If the product net weight, rather than the shipment gross weight, is the only weight stated on the bill of lading, Forwarder will add 10% tare weight to the net weight shown before computing final freight charges.