Consolidation of Shipments - Less Than Truckload

Upon instructions from shipper or consignee, Forwarder will consolidate shipments picked up from multiple origins into one shipment to one destination or consolidate shipments from one origin to multiple destinations within a specified route subject to the following:

  • All shipments to be consolidated must be tendered together at one time and made available for pick up together from a single origin or must be feasibly picked up the same day if shipped from multiple origins. 
  • A master bill of lading covering all shipments to be consolidated must be prepared and available at the point of origin.
  • Unless otherwise provided the aggregate shipment shall be rated at the highest minimum weight column provided for and at the highest rate stated among the points service is requested to or from.
  • Each pickup or delivery in excess of the original pickup and final delivery shall be assessed a stop charge of $150.00 each.