Capacity Loads - Trailers Loaded to Full Visible Capacity

Except as otherwise provided, when the Forwarder furnishes a trailer for loading, and that trailer is loaded to full visible capacity by the Consignor or its agent(s) or the Forwarder at the Consignor's direction, the highest applicable charge provided for the shipment will be assessed, subject to the following provisions:

Application of rates under this rule will apply only where multiple minimum quantities are published for the shipment. Where such multiple minimum quantities are provided, the highest applicable minimum will be applied only in the event the Forwarder can legally transport a quantity in excess of that loaded upon the trailer subject to applicable Federal, State and Local Laws governing the maximum allowable quantity of the combined power unit and trailer furnished.

For the purposes of this rule where the commodity(s) loaded require the interior circulation of air to maintain a specific temperature or range of temperatures in-transit, full visible capacity will include the allowance of a minimum of 2 inches free space between the front, rear and sides of interior of the trailer and a minimum of 9 inches between the top of the load and the interior roof of the trailer. Full visible capacity will also be deemed to have been reached when the primary commodity loaded uses the full usable trailer floor space, and the nature of the lading precludes the loading of other lading on top thereof which would result in damage from compression, crushing, and other types of damage, or if the primary lading specifically precludes such so-called top loading.

The provisions of this rule apply only where the shipment in question is tendered by one Consignor, or on one bill of lading or a consolidation of bills of lading.